Our new 540 needles Electric LED Light Microneedling Derma Roller With Three Replaceable heads, which penetrates any serum or creams into the face and neck.

Electric LED light therapy works to stimulate collagen production and increase absorption into the skin. The clean and hygienic design allows you not to worry about the allergy and redness caused by bacterial infection on your scalp.


540 Microneedle Dermapen Features:


Unique Electric Light therapy Red LED for collagen production and the Blue light kill any bacteria caused by acne .
The 540 needle teeth and Red and Blue LED light will help to achieve the effect of collagen production. It will help with any acne bacteria skin types,evenly and efficiently.


Three replacement heads.

3 X Detachable roller heads, which can be used for the scalp or the face and body.

  • 0.25mm 540 needles head
  • 0.5mm 540 needles head
  • 1mm 1200 needles head


Hygiene and dual protection

1. Clean and hygienic: the plastic shell can assure the needles are safe and clean.


Quick Details:

Type: Electric LED Derma Rolling System

Name: LSR Electric LED Light therapy Derma roller

Feature: 540 microneedles

Warranty: 1 Year

Needle material: Titanium Alloy Needles

Replaceable Head: 3 heads

Working Voltage: DC3.7V/50HZ

Available needle length: 0.5mm

Needle size: 180/540/1200 needle

Depth: 0.5mm

Package size: 16.3*4.1*4.7cm

Weight: 13.7kg


Packing list:

1x Dermapen

3 x replacement heads

1 x USB cable

1x Instruction manual


SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: You are covered by a full 2-year manufacturer’s warranty and our 28-day satisfaction guarantee. Our customer service team will handle all your inquiries within 12 working hours.



SKU: Micro derma Roller